North Carolina
Confederate Flag Day

March 3rd, 2018

National Event


Saturday, March 3, 2018

Once again, for the 30th consecutive year, on Saturday, March 3, 2018, the North Carolina Division of The Sons of Confederate Veterans will sponsor and celebrate Confederate Flag Day in the Tar Heel State at the historic 1840 State Capitol in Raleigh.

Initially established by gubernatorial proclamation in 1987 by Governor James G. Martin, Confederate Flag Day has been continually observed since 1988 at the State Capitol in the same House of Representatives chamber where on May 20, 1861, North Carolina voted unanimously to leave the Federal union and associate with the Confederacy. The event is open, free of charge, to the general public.

Over the years Confederate Flag Day has been celebrated by the North Carolina Division of the SCV with some noteworthy programs and fine speakers. Guests have included Dr. Clyde Wilson, North Carolina Chief Justice I. Beverly Lake Jr., Dr. Paul Gottfried (Elizabethtown College),  Dr. Sam Francis, Dr. Lee Congdon (James Madison University), Dr. Donald Livingston (The Abbeville Institute) and others. This year will be no exception: Compatriot Ronnie Roach, Commander of the Army of Northern Virginia of the SCV and Chief of Staff of the North Carolina Sons of Confederate Veterans, will be the featured guest speaker.

Ceremonies for Flag Day will begin at 1 p.m. in the afternoon on Saturday, March 3, in the historic House of Representatives chamber. The Polk Camp color guard will escort the flags of the Confederacy to the well of the House where North Carolina’s Ordinance of Secession was signed in May 1861.  An ensemble led by compatriot Ellis Selph will provide period and patriotic music.

For additional information on this event, please contact: Dr. Boyd D. Cathey, Chairman, NC Confederate Flag Day Committee; email:

This event will be both inspiring and educational, and is open to everyone.  Please make plans to attend.