Confederate Flag Day

March 3rd, 2018

National Event

JEFFERSON DAVIS BRIGADE (Camps 1525, 1647, 1708, 2251 and 2316):

DATE:    The date selected is Saturday, 17 March 2018, (St Patrick's Day) after review of calendars for  conflicting events and to allow for planning .

Location:    East Mesa       Starting at the northeast corner of East Main St and Power Rd.  Route is mapped t go west bound on Main Street to Gilbert Rd then north bound to University St where the group would
then go east bound to Power Rd before turning south returning to the starting point.    This route was selected for the benefit of the right hand turns that will assist in keeping the group together and
avoiding left turn lights.

Time:      Start time set for 0900 hrs allowing for a one hour tour before returning by 1030 hrs when all would be available to attend a no host brunch.

Flags:      Proper flags only, not a battle flag with a skull and cross bones, deer, beer cans or other designs.   It was suggested the first five (5) vehicles display the 1st , 2nd, 3rd National, the battle flag and the Bonnie Blue flag to help educate the public.

Weapons:     Since many of us carry a weapons and not wanting to give the media or public a reason to object to it is recommended that weapons remain out of sight in the vehicles.  This is not in any way a indication that anyone be denied their Constitutional right.

GADSDEN BRIGADE (Camps 1202, 1710, 2074, 2096, 2186, 2201)

DATE:  Saturday, 10 March 2018
Location:  Tombstone:  Parade on Allen Street from the Bird Cage Theater to the City Park.  Dress is Confederate uniform, period civilian attire or appropriate contemporary dress.  No horses or vehicles.  After the march, a ceremony will be held in City Park. 

Time:  Start time is 10:30 AM.  Participants should be at the assembly point just east of the Bird Cage by  9:45 AM.  The march should take no more than 30 minutes.  A no host lunch will be held following the ceremony.

Flags:      Proper flags only, not a battle flag with a skull and cross bones, deer, beer cans or other designs.  Flags should include each Campís flag, the Arizona Division colors, the 1st National, the Bonnie Blue and other appropriate flags.

Weapons:     Marchers may carry period weapons but no blank or live ammunition may be used.  No firing of blanks during the parade.  Weapons may be inspected by the Tombstone Marshalís office  prior to the parade.